The Charitable givings

The principally significant aspect of booking a safari through Topi Tours is to assist local charities. We enclose selected a numeral of charities to support and depending on clients itinerary and we may be proficient to visit one of them during your tour. At Topi Tours, we are pleased with the early client’s donations which have helped us establish links with our charities.

How we  Donate to charities.  
Topi Tours is committed to donate 10% of the profits to the listed charity organizations updated time to time. Any chosen charity organization for support will be in the communities and based in Uganda and Rwanda. Those ones chosen will not be linked with Topi Tours member of staff.

The net earningswith Charities!!
The earnings are the differentiation amid the profits we make and all expenses incurred to dash the business. Designed for the evasion of hesitation, members of staff are engaged at market tariff and the grid profit from the business is the cash offered for the owner(s) to share out as a surplus in the business.

Topi Tours intend that most revenue is reinvested in the development of the business. Though, 10% of the profit is exclusively owed for charity donations and cannot be dispersed in any way or the other.

Current sponsoring of the local football-team 2020

Footballteam Topi Tours

Current list of other charities supported by Topi Tours
All our charity organizations are cheerful for our clients to autonomously confirm our sustain of their work. Bellow is the testimonials for our clients.



Joy for children Uganda
POBox 40127, Kampala, Uganda
Tel.: +256 414 530 450


Daughter of charity
(children of Uganda)
POBox 7095, Kampala, Uganda
phone +256 782 604 905


Raising voices
P.O. Box 6770, Kampala, Uganda
phone: +256 414 531 186


Suubi charity and primary school.
P.O. Box 22296, Kampala, Uganda
phone +256 772 328 122, +256 782 579 189


Chain Foundation Uganda
P.O. Box 3300, Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 414 290 123, +256 772 461 252.

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